Dump Shuttle

Christchurch’s only dedicated dump shuttle service

Looking for a fast and easy way to clear a small amount of waste product or perhaps a large item from your home business or office? Our 7 day dump shuttle service is designed to meet this need.

Now you don’t have to hire a trailer or organise someone to take that old bed or that pile from the spring clean to the dump. Each day our dedicated dump shuttle circles the city collecting from homes and businesses. Items collected are either recycled or dumped at the local refuse stations.

The Dump Shuttle Service

Our dump shuttle service is ideal for those who have small amounts of rubbish to dispose of or large items such as household furniture and appliances. Simply phone Junkman to arrange for our shuttle to call and collect the items that need removing. Based on the information you give us when booking the shuttle, we will give you an estimate on the cost to call and remove your items but the final amount will depend on actually sighting your load. A base fee applies which covers the cost of travelling to your home or workplace to collect your items. In addition, dump and/or handling fees will apply depending on what is being collected. The shuttle driver will advise you of the total due prior to loading, so you’ll know exactly how affordable your Junkman junk collection service is going to be.
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